We can provide portable staging solutions that can instantly and effectivly create a professional performance space to almost any venue from a village hall up to outdoor event.


The quality of sound is what can make or break an event! Our sound engineers can make sure everything at your event can be heard clearly. With live music we can meet the requirements of demanding bands specifications.
Our PA systems start from 600 w up to 30 kW so would suit any size events- inside or outside, every thing can be heard loud and clear!


Lighting is quite often forgotton or missunderstood but in this more visualy technological world we are in nowadays we can create a good visual first impression for your event!
Our experianced lighting technicians who have worked on many different events and in theatre, so understand how to create a look or feel to your event!
From simple subtle colour washing the inside of a marquee upto providing a full light show for a band or a lighting design for a theatre show we can provide excellent results!

Our Stock:

Our Lighting stock includes:-

LED Fixtures, PAR-cans and Theatrical lighting including
ETC Source Four profiles
RGBA LED washes
Moving head luminaires
Zero88 lighting consoles
DMX Dimmer Racks and Mains Distribution

Our Sound stock includes:-

BOSE, DB Technologies and Electrovoice PA systems
Full selection of microphones and DI boxes including:
Shure SM58’s
Sennheiser e835’s
AKG D5’s
Analogue and digital mixing desks- Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, Presonus
Fully licenced Sennheiser and Shure radio microphone systems

We also hire out portable staging!

We have more equipment available and our range of hire kit is forever being upgraded so please feel free to drop us an email if what you need is not listed here.